“We do not allow toxic relationships and situations to define us”

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Truthfully, you’re deeply unhappy and can’t remember when you didn’t feel listless, anxious, or depressed. You haven’t been sleeping well, your appetite hasn’t been the same and you can’t seem to focus at work. Your self-esteem is on the floor but you don’t know how to fix it. You’re afraid to be alone and so you cling to toxic relationships that make you feel disrespected and diminished. You figure any connection is better than none. The strangest part? No one would be able to look at you and see how lonely and hopeless you truly feel.

I’m Gabriela, a licensed trauma-informed psychotherapist and I counsel individuals who are anxious and depressed. After years of working with clients struggling with depression and anxiety, I realized a common thread makes people fall into and stay in toxic relationships. So, I developed my unique triage system that can help you go from pain to a greater understanding of yourself and the ability to remove yourself from the situations causing or contributing to the pain.

If you’re ready for change even though you’re not sure how to make it happen… because you’ve had it with all the conflicting advice in the self-help books, podcasts, and webinars because you still feel STUCK…

You can contact me at 786-843-9527 or email me at help@doralpsychotherapy.com for your free 15-minute consultation. I offer in-person services for those near Doral, Florida, and online therapy for all residents of Florida. Learn more about my specialties: depression, anxiety, grief, trauma, and navigating hostile work environments.

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Gabriela Moskonas Nieves

License # SW 17120 Florida