Counseling for Anxiety

Is anxiety taking over your life? Do you become overwhelmed by your emotions?

Anxiety is a very treatable condition. I use cognitive behavioral therapy to help you identify the thought patterns that trigger your anxious feelings.

Instead of avoiding the situations in your life that cause you anxiety, we can work on the root of the problem.

Often, these are the symptoms of anxiety:

  • Nervousness, restlessness or being tense
  • Feelings of danger, panic or dread
  • Rapid breathing or hyperventilation
  • Increased or heavy sweating
  • Trembling or muscle twitching
  • Weakness or lethargy
  • Unable to focus
  • Insomnia
  • Obsessions about certain ideas, a sign of obsessive-compulsive disorder

Together we can restructure your thinking to better cope with anxious thoughts when they do arise. Stop allowing anxiety to have the upper hand in your life.